Making headway with the 11+

Headway Heroes

What if 11+ tuition could be a positive, enjoyable experience? With life-changing skills to last far beyond an entrance exam. 

Preparing your child for the 11+ may be the short term goal. But, with the right approach and the right tutor, your child can learn the skills, mindset and focus they need for success at secondary school and a bright future, whatever challenge they choose.

“My son joined Anita over a year ago. My aim was to keep him focused, build on his confidence and resilience. He needed a nurturing approach with someone who understood him and he found approachable. Anita has done exactly that and she has had a massive influence on the way he communicates and conducts himself.”​

Bally – Parent to Yuvraaj, Year 6

We recognise that each child is different, so our tuition packages are tailored to your child’s needs.


2 hours CORE SKILLS lesson + 1 hour EXAM SKILLS lesson

Student Profile

 You would like your child to have the opportunity to sit the 11+ exam and you recognise that there is a need for more support in subject areas and a greater need to develop the ability to work under pressure. Your child is yet to develop the competency levels to complete timed tasks to a high standard. They have not yet learned the discipline they need to go back through notes to reinforce their learning and so gaps exist. Your child needs more resourcefulness and requires additional attention to help fix the gaps in their learning. 

Learning Goals

Your child will learn the 11+ core skills of Maths, Comprehension, VR, NVR and Vocabulary development. Additionally, they will learn to use resources to support their learning. They will complete weekly timed tasks in a classroom setting and will go through test questions that they have struggled with in homework in order to build understanding. They will become stronger independent learners. 


2 hours CORE SKILLS lesson + 1/2 hour EXAM SKILLS lesson

Student Profile

Your child can pick up most concepts quickly. They may need additional support to manage their time and workload. You would like tuition to cover the course content with exam skill development and you recognise that your child may need more time and different strategies to fully embed new concepts. 

Learning Goals

Your child will learn the 11+ core skills and will develop their ability to work under pressure by completing timed tasks in a classroom setting. They will see their progress in a positive way, gaining a greater appreciation of their strengths & weaknesses. 


2 hours CORE SKILLS lesson

Student Profile

 Your child has a good set of core skills in Maths and English, and recognises how to be self-motivated. They can pick up new concepts quickly and are able to recall things they have seen, heard or read about with accuracy. You would like tuition to cover the content of the 11+ exam. You are willing to develop your child’s exam preparation skills at home. 

Learning Goals

Your child will learn the 11+ core skills. Additionally, they will manage workload, develop independent thinking and learning skills that will increase their sense of self-worth. They will make good use of homework materials to monitor speed development. They will retain and recall information well. 

Set your child up for success